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Sherlock depicts "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who solves various mysteries, crimes and riddles in a modern-day London. Sherlock is assisted by his flatmate and friend, Dr. John Watson, portrayed by Martin Freeman, who has returned from military service in Afghanistan with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Sherlock possesses a powerful mind, with exceptional intellect and bold powers of observation, these powers persuade the Metropolitan Police Service of his value, and they are almost dependent on Sherlock's wisdom and judgement. John Watson takes to social media, and blogs the duo's adventures, because of this, Sherlock becomes a reluctant celebrity, with him getting widespread attention, leading to both ordinary people, and the British Government asking for his help. Sherlock has conflict with his own brother, Mycroft, portrayed by Mark Gatiss, Sherlock describes him as an "Arch nemesis". The two have a rivalry, because of Mycroft's involvement with the British Government.

Sherlock has become a worldwide success since its original debut in 2010, and is adored by numerous fans across the globe. Created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt. Ten episodes have been produced in total, with three part series being released in 2010, 2012, 2014 and a special episode that aired on the 1st of January 2016. Over the series people have begun to find Sherlock and Watson's relationship together entertaining, where as it almost seems like they are in a married relationship, Watson playing the role of the cautious and susceptible wife, where as Sherlock plays the role of the irresponsible and psychopathic husband. Watching these two bicker and banter throughout the series is entertaining, because of the deep amounts of sarcasm and satire embedded into the personality of these two characters. Sherlock is a product of London, the crimes and misdemeanors that he and Watson encounter are rooted in British society. London is a city that wears its past like a fine coat, and it does not matter that Sherlock was originally set back in the 1800's. Benedict Cumberbatch nails the part as Sherlock, the role was practically made for him. He creates such a unique and entertaining version of Sherlock which is hard not to enjoy. Each episode clocking in at around 90 minutes, its very clear why people keep watching, and crave more of this fine craft of British Television.

Issues RepresentedEdit

Irene adler

Sherlock explores a lot of common ideas from the real world, both the positive and negative ideas of life. You see these representations through the characters, plot, events and setting of the show. A very common theme to point out in Sherlock, is the idea of sexism, the idea is very evident as it is represented throughout the series. Women in this show are painted in a very dim light, most of them are perceived as ditsy, easy to manipulate, inferior and have a lower intellect to Men. They are largely presented as a secondary role in the show, almost taking a back seat. They are generally treated with respect from Sherlock and Watson, but are always in need of help. Men are always presented as the ones in charge, and the ones to solve the problems. Characters like Sherlock, Watson, Mycroft and Inspector Lestrade all represent those ideas. An exception to these ideas of helplessness and pacifism. Is Irene Adler, Sherlock's love interest. Irene is portrayed as having a mind just as powerful as Sherlock's, and challenges these ideas of being ditsy and helpless. It is true that she is independent, resourceful and intelligent enough to outwit Sherlock Holmes. Whenever this intelligence is pointed out, it is often classed as a strange male quality that she possesses, compared to a quality a woman would actually have. She is also over-sexualised in a way that women are often portrayed in many forms of media, she is sexy, desirable and very lustful. Irene uses these attributes to win over her competitors, seduction is a very powerful technique used by women, and it is clearly represented here. In the first meeting of Sherlock and Irene, she is completely naked, and not shown wearing a single item of clothing. Sherlock finds it difficult to concentrate while Irene is naked, so he hands her his coat to wear so he is not distracted.The representation of women in Sherlock leads to think little of them, and that they are inferior compared to the men.

Character Edit

Sherlock, the main protagonist of the show is a very pivotal character of the series, not only because he is the name of the show, but because the show practically revolves around him. Sherlock is a very unique character in the drama universe, he describes himself as a "High Functioning Psychopath". A person with no morals like a normal human being, and "gets off" on the idea of there being a new serial killer in town. Sherlock enjoys the thrill, being in dangerous situations, he constantly needs to be challenged to stay entertained. Sherlock wears a very simplistic and stylish look, something simple, smart and practical to solve mysteries in. He isn't afraid to tell the truth to someone when he needs to, he doesn't say "I think your lying", or "you might be lying". He would say something like "you are lying". Because that's a part of his assertive nature, he reads people by the length of their fingernails, he knows when someone is or is not lying. Sherlock doesn't think like most people, he describes his mind like a hard-drive on your computer, and he only keeps the things that are useful to him, feelings like love and compassion are irrelevant when it comes to Sherlock. He has an extremely high intellect, reading someones history by their haircut, posture, condition of their phone. He processes things un-naturally, and can outsmart people in most situations.

Other Characters Edit

Dr John Watson Edit

John Watson, portrayed by (Martin Freeman) is a former British Military Doctor, and a General Practitioner. John comes into the scenario after encountering an old school friend. He then gets introduced to Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes. Who is currently seeking a flatmate to help pay rent for in Central London. By the next day he had moved in, and they were solving crimes together. At first suffering from a psychosomatic limp, the memories of the war haunt him in his every day life, it is proven Watson isn't afraid of the war. He misses it, as soon as he jump straight back into the action with Sherlock, he's able to walk fine, and without his hands shaking. He is often seen as Sherlock's sidekick, documenting all of their adventures on his personal blog. Martin Freeman was born 8th of September, 1971 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He's best known for his role as Bilbo Baggins, in the JRR Tolkien Fantasy, The Hobbit.
Mycroft Holmes - The Empty Hearse

Mycroft Holmes Edit

Mycroft Holmes is the older brother to Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by (Mark Gatiss). One of the creators of the show itself. He plays the worried brother in their relationship as siblings, however he prefers his concern to go unmentioned, as they have quite a difficult relationship. Because of Mycroft's involvement with the British Government, the two have a rivalry, and Sherlock describes him as a "Arch Nemesis". Mark Gattiss was born 17th of October, 1966 in Sedgefield, England. He has appeared in a number of theatre and radio shows, he has co-written two plays for the Edinburgh Festival.

Inspector Lestrade Edit

Lestrade, portrayed by (Rupert Graves) is the best Scotland Yard has to offer. A rather desperate detective inspector, he comes in need to Sherlock's intellect on multiple accounts. Knowing Sherlock for five years, he still doesn't know him, they have a mutual respect for each other, because Lestrade is the only detective Sherlock will call when has to involve the police. Rupert Graves, born 30th of June, 1963 in Weston super Mare, Somerset, England. He's known for his work in many films, such as "A Handful of Dust", "Different for Girls", "The Innocent Sleep" and the award winning "Intimate Relations".

Jim Moriarty Edit

Sherlock chatroom 3 moriartyxreader by dixonvixon-d7bvu6a

Moriarty, portrayed by (Andrew Scott) is a specialist, or "Consulting Criminal". He is a very mysterious and inconspicuous character, since no-one ever manages to get to him, and no-one ever will. The only person who has come close is Sherlock, and he let him have a glimpse of whats going on out there in the big bad world. He doesn't care if people die, because that is what people do. He enjoys watching Sherlock squirm and struggle whilst he plays his game. Andrew Scott was born 21st of October, 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. He's starred in multi-part Television Movie "Longitude". He also made his Broadway Debut in "The Vertical Hour" and was nominated for a Drama League award.

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